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In today’s 24 hour news cycle and daily stream of tragedy and scandal, it can be hard to see past an ever increasingly fragmented world. Theatre provides a rare opportunity to stop, sit together, and share a common experience. As the first American theatre devoted to the Middle East, Golden Thread has the unique ability to go beyond the headlines and dive deeply into the personal narratives of a region that is often vilified and very rarely celebrated in today’s media.


ARTISTIC RECOGNITION Love, Bombs, and Apples was the recipient of an Outstanding Production of a Play Award from Theatre Bay Area.

RAVE REVIEWS “Can American theater really still beget a political play that represents opposing sides fairly, in good faith, such that audience members of different political stripes might all recognize themselves in the characters? The magic of [the production] is that it answers with an understated but insistent affirmative and wholly earns that hopeful outlook — even in our divisive, cynical times.” —San Francisco Chronicle on We Swim, We Talk, We Go to War

COMMUNITY CONNECTION Oh My Sweet Land’s simple act of gathering in the kitchen for cooking and storytelling, turned a distant conflict into an intimate experience, and spread a little sweetness, even in the midst of a bitter world.

GIRL POWER! Leila’s Quest for Flight, a new Golden Thread Fairytale Players show based on beloved Palestinian folktales, soared across Bay Area schools and libraries, empowering little girls everywhere.

Any one of the above accomplishments would be cause for pride and celebration, but together they reflect remarkable artistic achievement and organizational recognition. Our stories come from the heart and they counteract the ongoing divisiveness pervading our society by allowing us to discover unexpected connections and by igniting dialogue that allows us to engage in deeply moving conversations that last well beyond the life of the play.

Your contribution is essential to our success. Give as generously as you can because without your support these unique and essential stories will go untold. Only together can we create a less fragmented world.

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