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As the world around us changes, Golden Thread’s commitment to bring you stories from and about the Middle East remains constant.

For 25 years we’ve been:

Enriching the American Theatre

In 25 years, we have premiered more than 120 plays, offering complex and layered representations of the Middle East and its people through new play commissions, ensemble devised work, and local and international collaborations. We have created opportunities for more than 1,000 artists, making deep investment in their work so they may tell their stories in their own words.

Leading the Charge on Equity

Building on years of advocating for artists of Middle Eastern heritage, we co-authored two seminal documents released in 2017. The Middle Eastern American Theatre Artists Bill of Rights and the Dear Producers letter were early examples of calls for more equitable practices in the American theater and have since served as models of change among theatre producers.

Championing Community

We are the first American theatre to focus on the Middle East, with a founder widely recognized as “the Mother of Middle Eastern American Theatre.” We are also a proud founding member of the newly launched Middle Eastern North African Theatre Makers Alliance, the first national organization advocating for our community.

Diversity is Our Core

Our audience is unlike any other. Over half of our audience self-identify as Middle Eastern, and there are 12 languages spoken amongst them. More than 70% of our artists are from BIPOC and immigrant communities, with many also identifying as mixed blood and/or LGBTQ. Golden Thread is that rare artistic home where everyone is encouraged to bring their full self and the many layers of their identity to the table.

Innovation is Our Practice

We continuously innovate and make space for artistic risk taking. Back in 2009 we staged The Review, written to be performed over Skype with one actor, director, and audience team in San Francisco, and one team in Cairo. In 2012, we launched Project Alo?, a video dialogue project produced on participants smart phones, that partnered Middle Eastern American artists with artists in the Middle East. And today, we are producing audio plays and connecting with our global audience through new digital content.

Instilling Cultural Pride

Our ground-breaking programs like Golden Thread Fairytale Players and Islam 101 bring timeless tales and historical figures to life with dazzling visuals, dance, and music, providing Middle Eastern youth and families the rare opportunity to celebrate their heritage across generations and communities.

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