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Independent and on the ground Palestinian journalist and photographer accounts to follow:

International independent journalists, scholars, and activists

Film / TV

Born in Gaza (Documentary) 
Filmed shortly after the 2014 Gaza war, this documentary examines how violence has transformed the lives of 10 Palestinian children.

A look at the life and work of Jewish-Israeli lawyer Lea Tsemel who has represented political prisoners for nearly 50 years.

5 Broken Cameras
A documentary on a Palestinian farmer’s chronicle of his nonviolent resistance to the actions of the Israeli army

A feature documentary that follows the lives of three gay Palestinian friends exploring their national and sexual identity in Tel-Aviv during the Israel-Gaza conflict of 2014.

How Israeli Apartheid Destroyed My Hometown 
Segregated streets. Settler violence. Military harassment. This happens all over the occupied West Bank, but perhaps nowhere are these scenes more concentrated than in the Old City of Hebron. The once vibrant Palestinian cultural center is now ground zero of Israeli apartheid. It’s also where AJ+‘s Dena Takruri’s family calls home.

Gaza Fights for Freedom
Filmed during the height of the Great March Of Return protests, it features exclusive footage of demonstrations where 200 unarmed civilians have been killed by Israeli snipers since March 30, 2018.

The Gatekeepers
A documentary featuring interviews with all surviving former heads of Shin Bet, the Israeli security agency whose activities and membership are closely held state secrets.

The Law in these Parts
Can a modern democracy impose a prolonged military occupation on another people while retaining its core democratic values? Since Israel conquered the territories of the West Bank and Gaza Strip in the 1967 war, the military has imposed thousands of orders and laws, established military courts, sentenced hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, enabled half a million Israeli “settlers” to move to the Occupied Territories and developed a system of long-term jurisdiction by an occupying army that is unique in the entire world.

Not backing Down: Israel, Free Speech and the Battle for Human Rights 
A panel discussion on the backlash against pro-Palestinian voices. 

The Occupation of the American Mind
Israel’s public relations war in the United States.

Tel Aviv on Fire (Feature Film)
Salam, an inexperienced young Palestinian man, becomes a writer on a popular soap opera after a chance meeting with an Israeli soldier.

Farha (Feature Film)
After persuading her father to continue her education in the city, a Palestinian girl’s dream is shattered by the harrowing developments of the Nakba.

Our boys (TV Series)
In the summer of 2014, three Jewish teenagers are kidnapped and murdered by Hamas militants. Israel is shocked, shaken and furious. Two days later, the burned body of a Palestinian teenager from eastern Jerusalem is found in a forest on the western outskirts of the city. In the ensuing days, an agent from the internal terror division of the Shin Bet investigates the murder, while the parents of the slain teenager begin their long and anguished journey toward justice and consolation. Filmed in Israel, Our Boys is based on the true events which led to the outbreak of war in Gaza. The series follows the investigation of Mohammed Abu Khdeir’s murder, and tells the story of all those involved, Jews and Arabs alike, whose lives were forever changed by these events.

News Articles

‘You Started a War, You’ll Get a Nakba’ (Atlantic)

A Palestinian’s Daily Commute through and Israeli Checkpoint (Washington Post)

A day, a Life: When a Medic Was Killed in Gaza, Was It an Accident?  (New York Times)

2019 Gaza Border Protests: 190 killed and 28,000 injured in a year of bloodshed (The Guardian)

No One Actually Knows Where Israel Ends and the Palestinian Territories Begin (Ha’aretz)

Israel Will Continue Its Campaign of Dividing and Conquering Palestinians, Annexation or Not (Ha’aretz)

When an Arab Family Had a Picnic Near a West Bank Settlement (Ha’aretz)

Column: Umm Forat (Ha’aretz)
I’m an Israeli lawyer, Jewish, married to a Palestinian resident of Ramallah. After years of wandering throughout the world, we returned to the West Bank with our two children, 6-year-old Forat and 3-year-old Adam. We are trying to lead ordinary lives in an extraordinary and unforgiving reality, one that I will share with you. I have changed the names of people in the blog, including my own. “Umm Forat” means “Mother of Forat” in Arabic. I invite you to visit my website: www.ummforat.com.


The ethnic Cleansing of Palestine - Ilan Pappe

Culture and Imperialism - Edward Said

Orientalism - Edward Said

Mornings in Jenin -Susan Abulhawa

Against the loveless world - Susan Abulhawa

The Blue Between sky and water - Susan Abulhawa

I saw Ramallah - Mourid Barghouti

Men in the Sun - Ghassan Kanafani

We are not here to be Bystanders - Linda Sarsour

Reel Bad Arabs: How Hollywood vilifies a people - Jack Shaheen 

They Called me a lioness - Ahed Tamini and Dena Takruri

Tatreez & Tea: Embroidery and Storytelling in the Palestinian Diaspora - Wafa Ghnaim

THOBNA: Reclaiming Palestinian Dresses in the Diaspora -Wafa Ghnaim

Paper and Stick - Priscilla Wathington 

Rifqa -Mohammad El-Kurd


This is palestine

PreOccupation: A Not-So-Brief History of Palestine with Bassam Abunnadi

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