World Premiere

444 Days

by Torange Yeghiazarian

A tangled web of love, betrayal and espionage

444 Days

Can anything survive decades of secrecy, broken promises, and political intrigue? Laleh, an Iranian revolutionary, and Harry, a diplomatic attaché, meet for the first time in 25 years as Laleh’s daughter lies in a coma. The last time they spoke was when she held him hostage for 444 days at the U.S. Embassy in Tehran along with 52 other Americans. International espionage and family secrets mesh in unexpected ways in this world premiere play by Golden Thread’s award-winning Artistic Director.

October 17, 2013 - November 3, 2013

Z Below

470 Florida St, San Francisco

Written by Torange Yeghiazarian

Directed by Bella Warda

Featuring Jerri Lynn Cohen*, Sheila Collins, Olivia Rosaldo-Pratt, Michael Shipley*

Design Team: Brendan Aanes (sound), Jim Cave (lighting), Devon Labelle (props), Mikiko Uesugi (scenic), Ninva Warda (costumes)

The play runs 90-minutes, without intermission.

Torange Yeghiazarian’s first production of a full-length play since 1998, 444 Days is the first play about the Iran Hostage crisis from an Iranian artist’s perspective. Blending historical events with fictional characters, this world premiere play follows the inexplicable bond between a former hostage and a former hostage-taker. Yeghiazarian, who is Golden Thread’s Founding Artistic Director, received the 2012 Gerbode-Hewlett Playwright Commission Award to write Ellington’s Isfahan, and is under commission by the Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California to write The Fifth String: Ziryab’s Passage to Cordoba, both slated to premiere in 2014.

Literary Artistic Associate Evren Odcikin, who will produce the production, says: “We’re thrilled to reintroduce Torange to our audiences as they first met her— a playwright. Torange writes with a deep affectionfor her characters and a deep understanding of the issues that divide and connect Iran and the U.S. I know that 444 Days will have our audiences talking long after the play is done.”

In Conversation with Lain Forman

Torange Yeghiazarian’s new play, 444 Days will premiere at Golden Thread Productions in San Francisco this October. Laine Forman uses the occasion to speak with Torange about her experience of moving to the US from Iran and the impetus for the play.

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Cast & Crew

Torange Yeghiazarian


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Jeri Lynn Cohen*


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Development Workshop

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