US Premiere

Rumi x 7 = Tales From the Masnavi

by Hafiz Karmali base on Rumi's Masnavi

A Poetic Circus Extravaganza

Rumi x 7 = Tales From the Masnavi

Let your imagination soar through this awe-inspiring journey that celebrates the cycle of life and humanity’s universal bond.

September 1, 2012 - May 3, 2013

San Francisco Asian Art Museum, Jewish Community Center of East Bay, La Pena Cultural Center, among others

Written by Hafiz Karmali base on Rumi's Masnavi

Directed by Hafiz Karmali

Featuring Jamie Coventry, Jon Deline, Aylin Guvenc, Mahsa Matin, Aliah Najmabadi, Maruf Noyoft, Carla Pauli

Design Team: Ninva Warda (costumes), Daniel Yelen (props)

Rumi comes to life as never before through this lively adaptation of one of the world’s greatest poets in Rumi x 7= Tales from the Masnavi. Rumi’s timeless tales explore the ties that bind human kind to the natural world, to their dreams and to their infinite potential. Seven breathtaking vignettes fuse classical Persian poetry with a dazzling panorama of circus arts and commedia dell arte.

Rumi X 7 = Tales from the Masnavi is part of Golden Thread’s groundbreaking new initiative, Islam 101 to create innovative professional performances based on Islamic arts and philosophy in an eclectic style fusing eastern and westernm tranditions. Offering youth and families an opportunity to experience Islam in an inspiring and entertaining way, Golden Thread aims to provide the general public alternative images of Islam while providing the Muslim community self-affirming narratives that help connect the younger generation with their heritage’s playful side.

Cast & Crew

Audiences love the show!

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We are grateful for the support of the following institutions:

East Bay Foundation, San Francisco Arts Commission

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