West Coast Premiere

Urge for Going

by Mona Mansour

Sometimes the only way to live is to leave

Urge for Going

Jamila, a studious 17-year-old Palestinian girl growing up in a refugee camp in Lebanon, feverishly prepares for the university exam that is her only way out of the impoverished world she calls home. Winner of the 2012 Whiting Writers’ Prize and Middle East America honorable mention, Mansour offers a feast of personalities and juicy dialogue in this searing and funny family story.

November 15, 2013 - December 9, 2013

Z Below

470 Florida St., San Francisco, 94110

Written by Mona Mansour

Directed by Evren Odcikin

Featuring Munaf Alsafi, Camila Betancourt Ascencio, Tara Blau*, Terry Lamb*, Julian Lopez-Morrilas*, Wiley Naman Strasser

Design Team: Brendan Aanes (sound), Kate Boyd (scenic & lighting), Michelle Mulholland (costumes), Devon LaBelle (props)

Fresh out of a residency at Ground Floor at Berkeley Rep, Playwright Mona Mansour says: “I’m excited to look again at this piece that really is fairly autobiographical and very close to my heart…I don’t think stories about the Middle East are being told enough, and they surely aren’t being told truthfully.”

Director Evren Odcikin adds: “Mona mixes the personal with the political, the funny with the tragic with such craft. Mona is an actor’s writer through and through. I cannot wait to dive into the world she’s created with the amazing cast of actors we’ve assembled.”

In the Press

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Cast & Crew

Mona Mansour


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Evren Odcikin


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Munaf Alsafi


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Camila Betancourt Ascencio


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Tara Blau


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Terry Lamb


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Julian Lopez-Morillas


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Wiley Naman Strasser


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