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No Summary 2024

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No Summary 2024

Now entering its fifth consecutive year, our digital conversation series No Summary features conversations with theatre companies in Palestine.

Our 2024 virtual artist conversation series embarks on a tour of Palestinian cities to offer audiences in the Bay Area and beyond a taste of the Palestinian theatre scene today. Each episode spotlights a different theater, showcasing its history, notable performances, challenges, and life behind the scenes through interviews with its artists and community members. Theater makers, audiences, professors, and students are all invited to join in these stimulating conversations.

Online via Zoom and Howlround TV Free with Reservation

May 24, 2024 - June 13, 2024

Online via Zoom and Howlround TV; FREE with Reservation

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These curated digital discussions invite artists of Middle Eastern and North African heritage to discuss the many layers of their identity and how it impacts their work and artistic choices.

List of Episodes

Friday, May 24, 11:00 AM PT (9:00 PM Palestine)

Episode 1: Ashtar Theatre of Ramallah

Panelists: Iman Aoun, Emile Saba

Moderator: Ash Marinaccio

Golden Thread invites multidisciplinary documentarian Ash Marinaccio to facilitate a conversation with Iman Aoun and Emile Saba of ASHTAR Theatre, of Ramallah, Palestine. ASHTAR Theatre is a non-profit organization that was established in 1991 in Jerusalem as the first theatre training organization for youth in Palestine by Edward Muallem and Iman Aoun, two Palestinian prominent actors who worked in theatre since 1977. Join the conversation to learn more about ASHTAR and hear directly from its lead artists about making theatre under occupation and during times of mass atrocities and genocide.

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Thursday, June 6, 11:00 am PT (9:00 PM Palestine)

Episode 2: Al-Harah Theatre of Beit Jala

Panelist: Marina Barham

Moderator: Marina Johnson

Golden Thread continues the series of online conversations with Palestinian theatres this week with a spotlight on Al-Harah Theatre, a non-profit cultural organization based in Beit-Jala, Palestine. Al-Harah Theatre is dedicated to fostering a civil society that prioritizes human rights, democracy, and freedom of expression. They work with all age groups through performances, festivals, training programs, and cultural projects. By engaging the local Palestinian community, including marginalized areas, and forming international partnerships, Al-Harah Theater aims to enhance both its own work and the performing arts sector in Palestine.

Join the conversation to learn more about Al-Harah Theatre from Marina Barham, its co-Founder and General Director. Marina Johnson, a director, dramaturg and a PhD candidate in TAPS (Theatre and Performance Studies) at Stanford University will moderate the conversation.

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Thursday, June 13, 11:00 am PT (9:00 PM Palestine)

Episode 3: El Hakawati Theatre of Jerusalem

Panelist: Amer Khalil

Moderator: Kate Moore Heaney

As part of the series of online conversations with Palestinian theatres, the spotlight this week is on El-Hakawati Theatre, the main public theatre institution in East Jerusalem. El-Hakawati is a Palestinian nonprofit cultural institution which strives to create and to develop a unique cultural life in Jerusalem, by way of producing and presenting artistic, educational, and entertaining programs that reflect the aspirations of the Palestinian people. Since its inception in 1984, El Hakawati operated as a forum for cultural and artistic platforms, and developing creative strategies and activities towards upgrading Arab arts and culture in Jerusalem.

Golden Thread invites NYC-based theatre director Kate Moore Heaney to moderate the conversation with the director of El-Hakawati theatre, Amer Khalil.

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Iman Aoun

Panelist, episode 1: Ashtar Theatre

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Emile Saba

Panelist, episode 1: Ashtar Theatre

→ Bio

Ash Marinaccio

Moderator, episode 1: Ashtar Theatre

→ Bio

ASHTAR Theatre

Ramallah, Palestine

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Marina Barham

Panelist, episode 2: Al-Harah Theatre

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Marina Johnson

Moderator, episode 2: Al-Harah Theatre

→ Bio

Al-Harah Theatre

Beit Jala, Palestine

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Amer Khalil

Panelist, episode 3: El-Hakawati Theatre

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Kate Moore Heaney

Moderator, episode 3: El-Hakawati Theatre

→ Bio

El-Hakawati Theatre

Jerusalem, Palestine

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