Our Enemies: Lively Scenes of Love and Combat

by Yussef El Guindi

A West Coast Premiere Play by Yussef El Guindi

Our Enemies: Lively Scenes of Love and Combat

Struggling writer Gamal hates the way his fellow Arab-Americans represent their culture on American media. It’s easy enough to take out his frustration on literature superstar Mohsen and local mosque leader, Sheikh Alfani. But when his own girlfriend and novelist Noor gets an offer from a major publisher backed with a national media campaign, how will Gamal manage his frustration?

Award-winning Egyptian-American playwright Yussef El Guindi holds the honor of being the most produced writer at Golden Thread. El Guindi has won the Steinberg/American Theater Critics Association’s New Play Award in 2012, and was the recipient of the 2010 Middle East America Distinguished Playwright Award. His previous premieres with the company include Language Rooms, Jihad Jones and the Kalashnikov Babes, Back of the Throat, Scenic Routes, and many shorts in ReOrient Festivals. Golden Thread performed El Guindi’s Karima’s City at the Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theatre in 2004.

November 20, 2016 - May 29, 2016

1695 18th Street, San Francisco

Written by Yussef El Guindi

Directed by Torange Yeghiazarian

Strong language and sexual situations.


“Smart, daring and well constructed… For a play about ideas, the kind of urgent ideas that don’t make it to American stages often enough, its debaters are just as complex and fleshed out as the ideas themselves.” —San Francisco Chronicle (read full review)

Powerful, unforgettable theatre… There’s sex, deep rumination, harsh conflict, galvanizing anger, violence, manipulation, lying, fierce intelligence, incisive criticism and genuine affection. Director Torange Yeghiazarian and her tremendous actors throw the conversation wide open and invite the audience to be active participants in the drama.” —Theater Dogs (read full review)

FIVE STARS! El Guindi ‘s command of dramatic construction is superb. He layers event upon event until the jigsaw puzzle is dramatically complete with more than a soupcon of satirical humor and a dollop of sex.” —Theatre World (read full review)

A gripping dramaOur Enemies exposes the futility of using group affiliation to decide that basic question: Who speaks for me? Who is a “genuine” Arab? A “genuine” Muslim? Or, for that matter, a “genuine” American? Answers don’t come easily.” —Pacific Sun (read full review)

“It was refreshing to have a show give voice to so many nuanced and authentic perspectives, while still being entertaining. ” —Mission Mission (read full review)

Our Enemies is providing Golden Thread Productions with a forceful start to its 20th season of theater dedicated to the Middle Eastern American experience.” —Bay Area Reporter (read full review)

A powerful piece of political theatre brought to life by a superb ensemble through Yeghiazarian’s deft stage direction.” —Huffington Post (read full review)

“This engaging production is the perfect opening to Golden Thread’s celebration of 20 years of true commitment to theatre and community.” —The Berkeley Daily Planet (read full review)

BEST OF 2016: Director Torange Yeghiazarian brought out the humor, irony, and tragedy… in Yussef El Guindi’s intriguing play.” —Bay Area Reporter (read full review)

BEST OF 2016: The other company in residence at Thick House that dazzled is Golden Thread Productions, whose Our Enemies by Yussef El Guindi delivered action and depth in its exploration of what it means, among other things, to be Muslim in this country.” —Bay Area Reporter (read full review)

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Cast & Crew

Yussef El Guindi


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Torange Yeghiazarian


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Dale Albright

Earl, Russell, Father Carol

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Munaf Alsafi

Sheikh Alfani

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James Asher


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Denmo Ibrahim


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Kunal Prasad


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Annemaria Rajala


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Salim Razawi


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Kenan Arun (make-up consultant), Cassie Barnes (lighting designer), Michael Truman Cavanaugh (stage manager), Naseem Etemad (assistant stage manager), Beckett Finn (technical director), Courtney Flores (costume designer), Devon LaBelle (props designer), Kevin August Landesman (projection designer), Carla Pantoja (fight choreographer), George Psarras (sound designer), Benjamin Shiu (production assistant), Mikiko Uesugi (set designer)

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