West Coast Premiere

Scenic Routes

by Yussef El Guindi

Scenic Routes

Lana’s family is intrigued by her new man, Naguib. Her mother wants to make sure he is “trustworthy” and her brother is hoping for Lawrence of Arabia. Lana and Naguib get ahead of the stereotypes when they joke about planting a bomb in a café only to find themselves caught in a web of deception and mistrust when their alleged plan is actually played out.

November 9, 2002 - November 23, 2002

EXIT Stage Left

256 Eddy St. (at Taylor), San Francisco

Written by Yussef El Guindi

Directed by Torange Yeghiazarian

Featuring Janak Ramachandran, Maria Mastroyannis-Zalt, Ruby Unger*, Zachary Link

Design Team: Keyumars Hakim (scenic), Rob Anderson (lighting), Yvette Jackson (sound), Donna Khorsheed (costumes), Farzad Mohr (video), Termeh Yeghiazarian (city skyline), Loren Fenaille (masks)

Written in 1992, Scenic Routes explores the craggy terrain of cultural misunderstandings and misperceptions between an American woman, Lana, and an Egyptian man, Naguib. Beginning almost whimsically at a pick-up in a bar, the relationship soon gets mired in well intentioned but often clumsy attempts to bridge what are perceived as cultural divides. The initial and natural awkwardness of any two intimates getting to know each other soon gets blown up and erroneously labeled as cultural differences between two foreigners.

The Immigrant Theatre Project presented a staged reading of Scenic Routes in 2000 as part of the American Dreams: Plays About NY & the Immigrant Experience at the Tenement Theatre. Celia Braxton directed.

Cast & Crew

Yussef El-Guindi


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Torange Yeghiazarian


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